Prayers of Power

The prevailing power of a prayer is not in the length of that prayer, as much as it’s in the amount  of time the person praying has personally spent in the Presence of God. While Jesus spent hours at a time in personal prayer with His Father – when it came to releasing and demonstrating His power for the miraculous – just a few, faith-filled words were required. Even the prayer that raised Lazarus from the dead after four days took less than two minutes.  Before feeding thousands of hungry people with a small boy’s lunch – a short word of thanks unleashed supernatural provision!  When Elijah prayed down fire, he didn’t break into a sweat from praying a long, sometimes energetic, sometimes tiresome prayer like the prophets of Baal. The prayer took less than two minutes and fire fell. Could this be, because just like Jesus, Elijah would often be found in a lonely place, for hours before the Lord in private prayer? A two-minute prayer that moves God to send down fire, or raise the dead to life is not reserved for a set people. Anyone can see these powerful results, as long as they are willing to spend personal time in the Presence of God. When we wait on the Lord in private, allowing His Presence to flow strongly into our spirits – seeping into every thought, touching every emotion, and influencing every part of our wills – we become saturated by His love and the dynamic, demonstrative power that flows from it. Then, as the Lord directs us into circumstances that require that power to be shown – we simply open our mouths, speak His words and watch Him move!  Prayers of power come from the power of  His Presence within.