Prepare for the Increase

It was time for Elijah to pass on his mantle to his successor. History records that Elisha’s prophetic ministry didn’t just last twice as long as Elijah’s, he was known to have performed twice as many miracles as his predecessor. This by no means is an indicator of which of the 2 prophets were better at their jobs. They both accurately and faithfully carried out God’s specific purpose for their lives. What is obvious, and perhaps attributes to the doubled results of Elisha’s ministry compared to Elijah’s – is that Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s anointing (2 Kings 2). We may even come to the conclusion that Elisha received that double portion because he had proved to have the character to sustain it operating in his life. An anointing as powerful as Elijah’s carried a very heavy weight. God used him to speak strong words to very powerful people and demonstrate His power in fearlessly aggressive demonstrations. To receive a double portion of that anointing was no small thing! And yet, we see how God worked through Elisha, not only over a longer period of time, but in ways that showcased His love, compassion, and faithfulness to ordinary people – as opposed to His anger and judgement to powerful leaders. He cleansed the waters of Jericho. He increased a widow’s supply of oil, which saved her children from being sold into slavery. He cleansed a pot of food into which a poisonous herb had been mistakenly added. He fed 100 hungry men by multiplying a small amount of barley loaves and corn. He cured a Gentile of his leprosy. He recovered a lost axe head that a man had borrowed, and thus saved him from financial ruin. When Elijah placed his mantle on Elisha for the first time – Elisha was faithfully ploughing his family’s field. He understood the principle of steadfastly doing what is necessary to produce a harvest of increase. When we follow his example of faithfully keeping our hands to the plough – both physically and spiritually – we can be sure our patient endurance in doing what is right will produce a harvest of increase with a character that will sustain us and showcase the goodness and glory of God. Keep your hand to the plough, as you prepare for increase.