Privilege and Favour

What a wonderful truth: all who are led are sons! If we have ever doubted our value or worth in the kingdom of God, this verse certainly clarifies it. Firstly, because we are regarded as His Own children, we are positioned in a place of privilege and favour. What is the privilege? Besides inheriting every promise in His Word; we have been given the place of sitting with Jesus in heavenly places. This is a place of victory!

We have also been given His Name, which is above every other Name; His written Word, which is His mind and ways; and His Own Spirit. The Holy Spirit will NEVER leave nor forsake us, and He Personally leads us into all truth, in every area of our lives.

Our privilege as children of God, involves being able to hear His voice and be led into victory no matter how confusing or deceptive the enemy’s plan is in the world around us. As you spend time speaking to Him, and keeping His Word alive in your heart, you can trust Him to lead you clear away from evil and destruction, and along His path of wisdom and blessing.