Protect the Dream

When the Lord places a dream in our hearts concerning His purpose for our lives, it’s really important for us to respond and handle it correctly. Joseph couldn’t wait to broadcast his dream to his brothers who were already at odds with him regarding his position of favouritism with their father Jacob. As a result, he was scolded by his parents and brought into greater disrepute with his siblings. As we know, the tension between him and his brothers escalated and Joseph found himself in a pit, sold to slave traders, and spent years in a foreign prison before his dream finally became a reality. More than often, at the time God gives us our dream, it’s far greater than what our characters are able to accommodate. If we are careful to select who we share our dream with, and allow the Holy Spirit to continue doing His work in our lives, the wait won’t have to be as long; and we may well avoid some painful pitfalls along the journey to get there. Surrender your dream to the Holy Spirit, remain faithful and diligent in what He has already given you to do, and He will promote you when your character is able to sustain the dream inside you.