Realities in the Spirit

Have you ever pondered on the words of Jesus in John 16:33, where He commands us to be of good cheer, though we face trials and tribulation – because He has already conquered the world? When one faces a trial or tribulation, it may seem impossible to be “of good cheer”! Yet, it is possible if Jesus is more real to you than the trial or tribulation you are facing. The Apostle Paul in the above verse is saying that to those who understand the realities of Christ, nothing in the natural can dissuade them from believing and receiving all they are IN HIM and all they can have and do by His presence and power within them. To know those realities we must have an intimate knowledge of God’s Word. Colossians 2:11 speaks about the circumcision of our hearts, a cutting away of the sinful nature. Jesus called this process sanctification, and said His Word will keep us free from any corruption that would disqualify us from walking pure and holy before Him, and ready for His soon approaching return. When the Word corrects sinful mindsets, cutting them off from our thought life, and aligning our minds with it’s truth – we will not be deceived by false narratives that are purposed to draw us away from living for the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, the distraction will always be geared to the flesh, but the eyes of the circumcised heart are enlightened to its glorious reality in Christ! Live dominated by your spirit-man and you will not satisfy the desires of the flesh and be found wanting at Jesus’ return!