Reign in Life


We are promised deliverance, healing and wholeness when we stand our ground – believing and declaring God’s Word over our lives and circumstances. Now, when those circumstances don’t appear to change immediately when we pray, we don’t become discouraged or give into the temptation to doubt. Instead, we keep our position of faith and trust the Word to do its work. The Bible says we have received an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness to reign in life through Jesus! That grace is God’s supernatural empowerment to live right and operate in our designated authority. We must live right because if we don’t, our consciences will compromise our confidence and shipwreck our faith. Paul wrote that a person born of God has nothing in common with sin, or unrighteousness. So while we allow sin in our lives, there will be a constant struggle within us because we are not living according to our reborn nature. The Bibles says a house divided amongst itself cannot stand. Simply put – while there is dissension between a man’s soul (intellect, emotions and will) and his spirit – he cannot reign in life.  So, keep your soul renewed to the Word of God where it is constantly washed and sanctified by God’s truth. This way our thinking, speaking, and behaving will be aligned to our re-born spirit, and we will receive an unhindered flow of God’s power! Our only course of action is to keep moving forward in victory, being unmoved by what we see around us – declaring the Word with authority and rejoicing – because God’s Word cannot fail! This is how we reign in life in Christ Jesus!