Relationship Trumps Religion
Jesus is the Living Word! To know Him, and love Him, is to know and love His Word. Too often this love relationship with the Lord and His Word is mistaken for a religious, mechanical ritual, where reading the Word becomes more of a chore than a passion.
A good indicator of slipping into this mechanical ritual is when we become so anxious when we’ve not kept up our regimented Bible reading plan, and we’re overwhelmed with thoughts convincing us we’ve missed the mark and disqualified ourselves from receiving His grace and blessing. We must remember that our relationship with God is a covenant, not a contract that can easily be breached. Our passion to read and meditate on God’s Word is fueled when we understand the eternal life it infuses into our souls, energises our bodies, and nourishes our spirits.
The Word of God isn’t a book that we read to escape God’s wrath, it’s our life source, causing us to profit in all things, to correct, guide, equip, and transform us into perfect and mature characters- fit to carry God’s glory. Embrace His Word, let it become one with you – transforming you one word of life at a time.