Remain in Him

Truly abiding in Christ, by His Holy Spirit, will ensure we never drift away from Him. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 tells us how we can do this. It says we are to refuse the devil any foothold in our lives. We do this by 2 essential things, by constantly keeping ourselves in communion with the Lord and by receiving His Word into our hearts and minds. Of course, communion with the Lord would mean spending time with Him in prayer. But it also means shutting off all distractions and drinking deeply of the fresh infilling of His Holy Spirit. This is done by us simply focusing our full attention on Him and affectionally acknowledging His Presence in us.  As we pour out our love on Him, we open our hearts to receive a fresh, overwhelming flow of His love and power in return. As we fully yield our thoughts, will, and emotions to Him in this time – we are strengthened by His mighty power in our inner man. The second essential practice to keep the influence of the enemy out of our lives is to constantly receive God’s word into our hearts and minds. It’s not enough to just read the Word, we must joyfully and gratefully allow it to transform us by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We do this by not just agreeing with it, but wholeheartedly believing it. That’s where the Spirit of God makes it alive inside us! Then, when we apply its principles to our lives we bear substantial fruit! The promise of the Lord, is that in doing these two essential things, He will personally keep and preserve us until He returns!