Remain in Him

The word “remain in” in Greek has a wonderful definition; it means to “make a commitment and choice to stay”. Jesus instructs us that only when we remain in Him, only when we make the commitment and choice to stay in close fellowship with Him, we will bear much fruit. As children of God, we are called to be, and remain in, a relationship with the Father. In doing so we make the commitment to follow His ways, obey His commandments and live a life led by His Holy Spirit.

The day we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, turning from our old ways, and following His ways – we made the commitment to do so. As a result, Jesus promises we will bear fruit! Our lives will reflect the reality of this promise. We will walk in blessing, prosperity and divine abundance – in all areas of our lives. Remain in Him! Apart from God, we will not see this promise fulfilled because it’s only through Him that it’s produced.

A life lived in line with the Word of God, and led by the Holy Spirit is a life that harvests abundant fruit! Let your life be marked with the evidence that comes from being completely yielded and committed to Jesus Christ. We have been chosen to be carriers of His Word, ready to live a life reflecting who our God is, and our relationship we have with Him.