Resurrection Power in You!

Life runs at a fast pace for most of us!  Besides the millions of things to get done, there’s the pressure to get them done on time!  When we are constantly on the go, it’s easy to get so caught up in the busyness we don’t even realize the strength beginning to drain from our physical bodies and emotions.  One of the devil’s greatest tactics is to wait for us to be tired and weak so that we become susceptible to his lies.  That’s when he attacks our emotions and tries to discourage us with thoughts of failure and inadequacy.  That’s why it’s essential for us to keep tapping into that reservoir of extra, supernatural strength that’s inside of us. Romans 8:11 says the Holy Spirit within us literally infuses us with the same resurrection life He used to raise Jesus from the dead!  That life super-charges our spirit-man, brings peace and joy to our emotions, and rejuvenates our physical bodies too! If you will yield to the Holy Spirit, who lives in you, He will refresh you with a brand-new surge of His resurrection power – as He reminds you of the truth of God’s Word! God’s truth will re-charge and re-set your soul, and strengthen your physical body to get up, push forward and excel in everything that you need to accomplish – and you’ll do it with great joy too!  Tap into the resurrection power today!