Revival Now!

Many believers spend countless hours praying for revival, but what they fail to realize is they are a walking revival. What does that mean? By placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts, God has given us a very real, very powerful connection to the atmosphere of Heaven! The Bible says He has placed eternity in our hearts. The manifest, supernatural power of God exists in its fullness, without measure, inside us – waiting to be activated and released into the world we live in. How does this happen?

We remain humble – completely devoted to and dependent upon the Spirit of God. We must constantly choose His ways above our own, be attentive to His leading, and obedient to His voice. When we understand without God we can do absolutely nothing, we understand humility. Secondly, we pray and seek God’s face. We don’t have to demand a revival from God; we simply worship Him, seeing and loving Him for who He is.

When we get this right, we walk in the full confidence that God hears us and causes His power to flow through us – healing our land. Revival flows from inside of you – let it gush out of you now!