Root Yourself in Him

When you plant a seed in the ground, the roots that shoot down are at first thin and small, in proportion to the developing seedling. Then, as the those roots absorb the water and nutrients from the soil, they supply the plant on top of the soil with what is needed to produce the necessary energy to cause the entire plant to flourish and grow strong. The deeper and stronger the roots, the more established and fruitful the plant becomes. Now, when the seed is planted in  fertile soil and is regularly watered, the development of that plant is expedited, and the the fruit produced is healthy and bountiful! Scripture often likens this natural process of established growth and fruitfulness to our own spiritual growth. The most fertile ground we could ever develop our spiritual roots in, is the Person of Jesus. As we open our hearts to know Him more and establish our identity in Him – we will grow strong and true, and our lives will yield an abundance of excellent fruit! Fruit that resembles Him in every way.  Jesus is the Word, and we have been given the Precious Holy Spirit to teach us and lead us into the truth of who Jesus is in us, and who we are in Him.  The richer this truth is received into our hearts and minds – the richer our fruit will be. Let your roots continually grow down into Jesus, build your life on Him, and you will overflow with thankfulness at what He produces in you!