Save Your Soul


As believers in Christ, the Word of God defines exactly who we are. That’s why we are instructed to receive the truth of the Word with meekness. This means to be completely submissive to its teachings, welcoming them into our lives and allowing them to transform us into the image of Jesus.  There are believers who are inwardly changed by their spirits becoming born-again, but their old thinking patterns have become a bad habit. They still hold onto those incorrect mindsets and negative attitudes. In other words the way they think and act are not consistent with the clean, new condition of their inner man. That’s because they have not treasured the Word of God with meekness.  They haven’t allowed their minds to be renewed to it’s truth and as a result, their souls will never prosper. If their souls don’t prosper, their bodies will follow suit.  Even though their spirits are born-again, they will never walk in the freedom, peace, and blessing of the Lord – until they surrender their minds to the authority and power of the Word. (3 John 1:2).  We must never lose our hunger and desire for the truth of God’s Word to dominate every area of our lives, it will continuously transform us from 1 degree of glory to the next, and has the power to save our souls! (2 Corinthians 3:18).