Saved, Redeemed, Delivered

The moment we became born-again, God recreated our spirit-man, and placed His Own spirit inside our spirits.  We became inseparably connected to Him.  The previous life of sin we once led has died and is buried with Christ. Now, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives inside us, and has raised our spirits, that were once dead in sin, to a brand-new life in Him! We have been saved, redeemed, and delivered from the curse of sin and its wicked control over our lives.  When this becomes a revelation to us, we never have to live under the weight of condemnation from the past, nor do we ever feel the pull back into a life of sin.


Before meeting Jesus, the Apostle Paul had persecuted thousands of believers in his attempt to snuff out the Christian faith. The guilt and condemnation must have been a terrible weight for him bear. However, Paul experienced the depths of God’s love, compassion, and forgiveness when he realised the truth. He received a solid revelation that Jesus Christ paid a hefty price for his salvation, redemption, and deliverance from sin. Don’t give despair over the past the luxury of hanging around you.  Look full into the joy and freedom you have in the Lord. You have been saved, forgiven, and empowered by God’s Spirit, to live free and full of purpose in Christ Jesus.