Skin Deep
The word ‘abide’ in this scripture means to wait, to conform to, to remain stable or in a fixed state, and to accept without objection. Jesus tells us to hold fast to what He has said and pattern our lives according to His Word.
Many believe a single scripture they hold onto for their breakthrough, but neglect to live according to the principles the Word of God teaches. They readily find comfort in the scriptures, but fail to comply with its precepts. Scriptures have become bumper stickers and tattoo art without the realization that their power lies in their truth influencing our hearts and then being reflected in our lives. The Word must dwell in us to transform our characters before it produces fruit. That fruit is evidence of God’s Word doing its work inside us.
God’s Word is living, active, and powerful; and will produce life when it abides in us. While it remains only skin deep, it won’t produce what we need for victory in this life. Let God’s Word go deeper than just touching the surface of your life – let it do its full work in you, so you remain free.