Small Acts of Obedience

Did you know your small acts of obedience to God’s Word have the power to keep your spiritual house standing strong and firm through any storm of life? In fact, when we consistently remain in the Word, one day at a time, allowing its truth to influence the way we speak and act – all those little acts of obedience combined become the direction of our lives!

These acts of obedience produce a spiritual momentum that has the power to carry us through any tragedy or trouble that suddenly presents itself. Our consistent obedience to the little instructions and truth, each day, becomes a strong foundation that holds us steady and stable. That’s because every small act of obedience to God’s wisdom keeps a steady flow of His power coursing through us – keeping us in a place of peace and spiritual well-being. Even when we’re not aware of it – it builds a reservoir of inner strength we can draw from when trouble comes.

So never get out the habit of diligently doing the Word. One day at a time, your small acts of obedience will prove to be the foundation that keeps you standing through any storm.