Speak Because You Believe!

Today, ask yourself a very important question: “Do you truly believe in God, and the credibility of His Word?” If your answer is “Yes!” then the Word tells us we must speak what we believe! Faith is never silent.

It begins in our hearts when we hear the truth of God’s Word; and it is set into motion when we speak God’s Word, from the conviction of our hearts. According to Isaiah 55:11, the moment we do this God’s Word will not return without producing any effect. Instead, it will accomplish exactly what it promises!

That’s why we can’t believe and not speak. We can’t be fully persuaded in our hearts and not open our mouths to declare what we believe. It’s our words of faith that carry the supernatural power of God to create what His Word promises, and bring those things that don’t into line with His perfect will. Continually speaking the Word in faith, irrespective of people and circumstances that move contrary to what it promises, is what someone who truly believes does!