Stop the Agitation

Jesus was speaking to the disciples about what was to come, and how to navigate life when He would no longer be with them in Person. He explained that in this world, trouble isn’t foreign – on the contrary, it is normal! But the Holy Spirit would be with them to empower them. Jesus said living in a state of constant agitation, disturbance, panic and anxiety is wrong for the believer. That’s because these negative emotions are disempowering as far as finding solutions; and are toxic to our personal and relational wellbeing.

If you’ve found yourself being repeatedly bothered, disturbed or angry, it’s a good time to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what the source of the agitation is. Then, to go straight to Word of God and find what His perspective is on the matter. With the help of the Spirit of God, we can deal with that agitating burden and cast it at the feet of Jesus. Then, in exchange, receive God’s promise of supernatural peace.

You can break the cycle of constant agitation by keeping God’s Word alive in your heart. Remember, you have been given the authority to resist and rebuke the devil, and you can refuse to put up with his trouble. You also have the mind of Christ to think as He does; so fill yourself with the Word and let God’s peace dominate your life.