Stronger and Stronger

When you made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you became the righteousness of God in Christ. This glorious reality has to be intentionally cultivated every day in our lives. In other words, we must be careful to always be conscious of our identity in Christ while we interact with the world around us. Righteousness is not just something we confess, it’s something we possess and must remain in.

The more we expose ourselves to the things of God, the more living right becomes a way of life for us. We become skilled at keeping our hearts and minds full of faith and peace by fastening our thoughts to the wonderful truth of Who our God is. We also become skilled at keeping a guard on what we allow to influence us – refusing and rejecting any thought that violates our trust in His faithful, good, and trustworthy nature. The righteous are identified by their steadfast devotion to God and His ways alone.

The three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3 stood tall for God. When their colleagues bowed to the golden image out of fear, they told the king, “O king, we respect you, but we choose to die by fire rather than bow before any lifeless image, and sin against our God.” The promise for the righteous is to grow stronger and stronger. Understand, you are supernaturally empowered to be the solution God has anointed you to be to the world around you!