Supernatural Seed

Did you know, just as a tiny seed has the potential to produce a giant, fruit-producing tree; God’s Word has the potential to produce a supernatural fruit-of-the-Spirit life in us? When we begin to look at the Word of God with the understanding of how a seed works, our approach towards it and the way we read it will drastically change!

God’s Word is His thoughts, His point of view, His belief system, the way He speaks, and the way He acts. As we read it and agree with it, we cause our thoughts and belief system to line up with His Own! Then, when we begin to share what we’ve learnt with others, we speak from the platform of our own hearts. We tell them what we really believe to be true. At this point, that seed of God’s Word has been planted deep into our hearts and minds, and will begin to flourish and produce not only what it says, but the very nature and character of God in our lives too!

Make every effort to plant as much of this supernatural seed into your life; you’ll be amazed at the supernatural transformation it produces in you!