Take Your Place at the King’s Table

Mephibosheth is an intriguing character in the Bible. He was a descendant of Israel’s very first king, Saul; yet, his name means “bringer of shame”. Mephibosheth was crippled in both feet and lived in a city of no importance. It seemed as though his life had little meaning, yet David remembered who he was and the heritage he belonged to.

This seemingly ‘nobody’ was personally invited by the king to come and take his seat at the king’s table. If you are feeling hopeless, or without significant purpose, understand God sees who you are and recognises your heritage in Him. He extends a personal invitation for you to come and feast at His table of life!

Begin to renew your mind to the truth of His Word and let His image transform your own and become imprinted in your soul. You are a child of God, so take your rightful place at the King’s table.