Your testimony carries power. People will always argue when it comes to doctrine and theology, but a personal testimony can never be disputed. There are many great examples in the Bible that demonstrate the power of a testimony, and the great effect it has on people. At the pool of Bethesda, Jesus instructed a man who had been paralysed for many years to pick up his mat and walk. He had been bound to that mat for years; it had become a part of his identity.

When Jesus healed him, he rolled that mat up and carried it through town with him. You can just imagine the surprise and wonder on people’s faces, seeing this man they knew to be paralysed and stuck on that mat for so long, now walking, without aid, carrying it under his arm. In a way, that mat became a very real part of his testimony – a trophy to confirm his miracle.

Don’t hide what the Lord has done for you. Know your testimony is there for you to carry with you, a powerful tool to demonstrate the miraculous work of the Lord in your life. It instils hope for others, ensuring that what He did for you, He will do for them too.