The Best Is Yet To Come

Have you ever caught yourself longing for days in the past, where life seemed less complicated; more joyful; full of peace; and marked by the blessing of God? Even though you had to stand in faith for breakthroughs, it seemed easier then? Well, getting ‘stuck’ in the days of the past can stop you from moving forward to the glorious life God has already prepared for you. The apostle Paul made up his mind that nothing would stop him from reaching forward and experiencing all God had for him.

He knew the same principles he had learned in his past would help him in his future. He understood the Lord had great blessing and wonderful experiences in store for him, if he kept His eyes on Jesus and moved forward in faith – no matter what lay before him, or how challenging the road would become. Many believers get stuck in the past and stop moving forward with vision and purpose because the pressures of life become too overwhelming.

Don’t stop your journey with God half-way through. The same way you built yourself up in faith in the past, you can build it up again. Start looking ahead with great expectation so God can fulfil the amazing things He has in store for you – the best is yet to come!