The Difference Between Faith and Hope

Hope almost always pertains to something we expect to see in the future, because the Word of God has declared it.  For example, we have a hope in the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have a hope for the resurrection of the saved dead; the rapture of the living saints and the hope of heaven and seeing our loved ones and friends there! These are all things pertaining to the future that God has promised us in His Word.  However, faith is not for the future, it’s for NOW (Hebrews 11:1)! We use faith to receive every blessing and perfect gift that has already been accomplished for us through the finished work of the cross – now! Our complete healing, deliverance, peace, joy, righteousness, prosperity and the power of the Holy Spirit are all available to us NOW and we receive all of it by faith (Hebrews 6:12). When we realize this truth and believe it, we receive by simply lifting our hands and thanking the Lord for it all!  Since the blood of Jesus has already purchased these things for us, we need to speak and live like they are ours – even before we see them manifest in the natural.  That’s because faith is the evidence of things not yet seen! If we are going to wait until we see something before we believe it, that isn’t faith at all.  Never confuse hope for faith – saying, “I hope I will be free or healed someday.”  No! According to the Word you were healed and set free when Jesus went to the cross over 2000 years ago!  As believers, our responsibility is to abide in Jesus and believe what His Word says!  Then, with grateful hearts, refusing to think or speak contrary to His Word – we thank Him for what He has done as though it’s in our possession now. Before you know it – that Word will go to work and every symptom or hinderance to what is already ours will get out of the way and we will walk in the reality of what has been promised!