The Gift Without Borders

The Spirit of God miraculously led Peter to Cornelius and his family, where they received the free gift of salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, through believing in Jesus Christ. The problem came when the believers in Judea heard about it. They were outraged that Peter would share such a precious gift with people who were uncircumcised and not of Jewish descent. Peter explained the gift was not theirs to withhold from anyone, since God Himself performed this miracle. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His resurrection power is a free gift that transcends all cultural barriers or religious mindsets. The newly converted Jews were convinced this gift was for their nation alone, until God’s will broke their preconceived ideals, and proved His love and power extended further than their wildest expectations! Let’s be careful to not limit God’s love and power from flowing in and through our lives, by making sure we know His will before we make up our own minds about it.