The Gravity of Words

Paul writes that our speech should be seasoned with salt. Just as salt enhances the flavour of food, our words are meant to enhance the lives of others. They should be tasty and delightful to people who hear them. The Book of Ephesians says our speech should impart grace (Ephesians 4:29). In truth, we are quite hypocritical when we glorify God with our mouths in a church service, and then speak like the the world the moment we step outside. James writes that bitter or brackish water cannot share the same spring as freshwater (James 3:11). You see, our words reveal the true condition of our hearts. Ephesians 5:4 warns us to not participate in foolish talking or coarse jesting. How can we celebrate God at one moment and then turn around and curse men the next? The tongue is like a two-edged sword: it can be used to build others up or to tear them down. Just as salt is used as a preservative, our words should be used to strengthen and build. Watching the life of Jesus in the Word, we see how purposeful His every word was. Then He told us, in Matthew 12:36, to be conscious of the words we speak, knowing we will give account for every idle one. While we remain aware of the gravity of our words, let’s deliberately monitor what comes out of our mouths each day!