Greatest Choice!

In all He has done for us, there is one thing God leaves for us to do. He expects us to make a choice for either life or death. Of course, He makes it clear He would have us make a deliberate choice for life, so we and our descendants will live, but the choice is ultimately ours to make.

The choice for death means living independently of God’s direct influence in our lives, where we live by our own will and rules. As appealing as this may sound, it means we forfeit our supernatural connection with heaven and the authority over every circumstance. We literally live at the whim of the devil, and are powerless to oppose anything he throws our way. In short, we become subject to the curse.

On the other hand, the choice for life means a complete surrender of our will to God’s. We choose His ways above our own. The benefits include walking in perpetual victory, and are far greater than our wildest dreams! The greatest choice you’ll ever make is to follow wholeheartedly after God. It’s a decision you’ll never regret!