The One and Only

Constantly being on guard and mindful of the condition of our hearts, and what situations we allow to affect them, is crucial. In Christ Jesus, we have been set free from the bondage of sin and we have been given a new nature that follows after life. That’s why we must not, for a moment, take our freedom for granted by stepping back into old habits and patterns of religion or sin (1 Peter 2:16). The most effective way to keep moving forward in the new life we have in Jesus is to wholeheartedly pursue an intimate relationship with Him and His Word, through His Holy Spirit. While we keep our attention on Him and His truth comes alive in our hearts, the Spirit of God continuously transforms our souls to reflect His perfect nature. His Spirit does the work and sin completely loses its appeal. Decide to place your full attention on your God, Who is slow to anger and abundant in mercy and loving kindness. Let Him be your One and Only; and sin will have no pull on your heart.