The Power of Praise!
When we praise God, we take all focus off everything else in this world – including our own insufficiencies and trouble – and place it directly on Him. And when we see Him in the words that declare His majesty and power, His goodness and faithfulness, our hearts soar in fresh hope and joy. It’s in these moments, that our praise becomes a mighty weapon of warfare.
All fear goes at the mention of the Name of Jesus when it’s lifted high from voices filled with faith and adoration. The enemy is silenced, and his plans are reduced to confusion when God’s people declare their heartfelt devotion and trust in their God. Perhaps the most rewarding gift of praise is the promise that God is attracted to and inhabits our praises. He manifests Himself, in all His glory and splendour, in our midst. No wonder all of hell trembles when God’s people begin to praise!
To praise God is to attract Him, and to attract Him is to attract all that He is. Where God is, everything changes and conforms to His will – and overwhelming victory is guaranteed! This is the power of praise.