The Power of the Gospel

The Gospel is the good news that Jesus made a way for you and me to live in Him, and to experience life His way. This Gospel is so powerful, it not only transferred us out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light; it empowers us to overcome and live victoriously in this world. We could say the Gospel releases the effects of salvation. That means all the wonderful benefits of belonging to the kingdom of God are made available to us now and here!

A full life of blessing, peace and joy is ours if we choose it. Healing, wholeness, soundness and prosperity have been paid for. More than that, enjoying an intimate relationship with our Creator, being fully filled and flooded with His love and power is far more than we could have ever bargained for. The fullness of what is ours through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can only be experienced when we choose to take the time to educate ourselves on what it offers.

Spending time in God’s Word and investing in a meaningful relationship with His Holy Spirit is the way we expose ourselves to the Gospel’s transforming power. As you make this your first priority, you’ll never regret the extraordinarily remarkable life you’ve chosen.