The Power of Vision
It’s interesting that Paul considers “sight” to be the opposite of “faith”. Where sight refers to our ability to behold the natural world, faith enables us to see into the realm of the spirit. This is where we see things from God’s perspective.
When we look at our circumstances or even our future through natural eyes and understanding, we will always be limited. But when we look through the eyes of faith, we get to see the limitless possibilities God has made available to us, when we align ourselves with Him. As we open our hearts to know Him more and receive His love and wisdom, His Spirit births His vision inside us. We begin to see others and the world around us through His eyes. His plans, that He refuses to implement without us being in the centre of them, are far greater and above all we could ever imagine or dream on our own!
So give yourself to seeing life in and through Him. Don’t trust in your own understanding, but acknowledge Him as being your light and guide. Trust Him with all your heart and He will lead you into a life so full and worth living that you will never resort to seeing things from your own perspective again!