The Presence of the Holy Spirit


Many people believe the Holy Spirit to be a quiet, unobtrusive part of the Godhead. He is often explained to be more of a spiritual power or influence, than a person with a personality, an intellect, a will, and emotions that we can personally experience. The Bible teaches us that He can be grieved, and quenched by our actions and attitudes, as well as be excited and motivated to increase His work and manifest Presence in our lives. When we see the Holy Spirit as a person, we are able to hear Him lead and teach us, and are able to yield and surrender to His will.  He is the One who explains, reminds us of, and convicts us of God’s Word. When we treat Him with honour and sincere love, we don’t have to look for power – He simply gives it to us. The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as a loving friend, and an ever-present helper and comforter (1 Corinthians 2:10-13). He is the One who connects us with the Father and makes Jesus real to us (John 15:12). He  also quickens our physical bodies with supernatural power, and is constantly at work imparting and infusing God’s divine nature in us – making us holy. The Holy Spirit’s power flows through us to cast out demons and heal the sick. The Holy Spirit is the anointing that abides, He is how God dwells in and with us, and the measure to which we can experience Him depends on our hunger for Him. Become aware of His wonderful Presence in you, and yield to His leading today.