The Self-Surrender that Overcomes the Enemy

The call of Christ upon every believer is a call to complete commitment. He doesn’t lay claim to only certain aspects of our lives, He owns all of us! The Bible tells us Jesus came to give us a new life, marked by redemption and love. When He lives full in us, we reflect the abundance of His goodness, mercy, and kindness. The more we surrender all to Him, the more we walk in the fullness of what He paid for us to enjoy. He has given us the freedom and privilege to draw near to His throne of grace, and to be seated with Him in heavenly places as a lifestyle. And it’s from this place, in His Presence, where there is no fear or intimidation, only pure faith and absolute confidence in Him. Here we receive grace (His supernatural power) to declare His Word over our lives, our families, and our circumstances.

This is where we bind and loose as we operate in the authority, He has given us, as His Own representatives. At this point, when we are in His Presence, we understand our lives are not our own. We gladly die to our own ambitions, and the desire to make our own names great.  Instead, we live wholeheartedly for Christ and the glory of His Name.  This is how we overcome! Today, lay your life down for Him. He will do more with your surrender than you can do with your control.