The Spirit of Faith

Unless we have a spirit of faith operating in our lives, we will not have the strength to survive the things we are going to face in this world. By redemption, every believer is granted the reality of a life filled with the promises of God – but it’s going to take a spirit of faith to possess them!

In order for the Israelites to take possession of the promised land, they were going to have to overcome the giants that lived there first. Many children of God become discouraged at the first sign of trouble when they pursue what has been promised them. It’s quite biblical for us to be challenged, however, it’s unbiblical for us to be defeated!

Every challenge purifies and develops our faith in God, and makes us well able to conquer, through the spirit of faith. Because of his faith, Caleb and his descendants were allowed to enter and enjoy the Promised Land.  Let God’s Word develop that overcoming spirit of faith in you, so every promise, in spite of any resistance, becomes your reality.