The Voice of God
We live in a time that can be described as the battle of the voices. All kinds of voices contend for our attention. When we open ourselves up to their suggestions and opinions, we quickly become as confused as a wave that is tossed around by the wind in the ocean. If you feel exhausted and unsure at just the thought of the future, remember there is one voice that holds the final say.
When we pay attention to it and hold it in higher regard than all others, it will protect our minds from fear; fill our hearts with love; and make our countenances shine with peace. That voice is the whisper of the Holy Spirit that brings the written Word of God to life in us. It holds the authority over time and space. It gives comfort and clear direction, purpose and the passion to pursue it. Allow your spirit to tune in to the voice of the Lord today, leading you to all things pertaining to life and godliness. Train yourself to discern His voice of love and mercy as He pulls you towards Himself.
Listen to His words of blessing and promise concerning you and your future; and respond to Him by shutting out all other contradicting voices as you give Him your undivided attention and devotion. Let His voice become your own as you declare His truth over your future with faith and authority.