The Wonder of Him

The life and writings of Paul are a mighty testimony of the goodness and love of God. Saul, before he became Paul, went about persecuting and murdering Christians. The day he had a personal encounter with the risen Jesus, his life took on a drastic change of course. We attribute more than half the New Testament to the writings of Paul.

One treasured portion of scripture reveals a very personal and intimate glance of his love and devotion to Jesus. The One who forgave him of so much and then entrusted him with His Spirit to equip, enlighten, and empower the people he once pursued with angry hatred. Paul wrote that everything he had ever witnessed, achieved or experienced in his very full life, was nothing compared to the infinite value of knowing Christ. This became his determined purpose – to know God more.

It certainly creates a deep longing and demand on our own hearts to experience Jesus in the same intimate way Paul did. Today, choose to dedicate your life to truly knowing Him. There is nothing to compare to the wonder of knowing the person of Jesus Christ.