The Word – a Firm Foundation

A solid foundation of the Word of God in our lives will determine our reaction and disposition to life and its circumstances. Think about the events that have taken the whole world by surprise of late. Every nation under the sun was shaken. The reaction of many Christians has been proof they never had the right foundation. Some were completely disillusioned and ran in stark terror to “isolate” themselves; while others looked to government leaders for help and guidance.

The Bible says the Church is the authority of Jesus in the earth (Luke 10:19). It says the increase of God’s kingdom rule and peace here will never end while we occupy earth (Isaiah 9:7).  And Proverbs 4:18 declares that the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter until it reaches its full strength and glory in the perfect day! The truth of the matter is no matter what evil lashes against this earth, God’s children will always be triumphant and victorious, carrying His authority on this earth.  The only thing holding us back from this reality is our ignorance to the truth of God’s Word.

Never underestimate the power and authority we carry while we are hidden in Christ Jesus and live rooted and grounded in His Word.  Wake up to understand its importance in your life and let it set the standard of victory you are supposed to live in. Make God’s Word the firm foundation of your life.