Thoughts Under Control

Weeds of discontent are eagerly waiting to sprout up in the garden of any ignorant believer’s heart. When disappointment is allowed the slightest chance to germinate, it can quickly overrun the entire garden of your heart. It will sabotage the growth of any seed that was intentionally planted there. That’s why the Word warns us to be vigilant and constantly on the lookout for any nurtured offence.

Un-forgiveness will case a root of bitterness to take hold and torments us, and it defiles anyone who keeps company with us (Hebrews 12:15). Be careful to keep your heart full of the truth of God’s Word. Be ever watchful over your thoughts.

Like a careful gardener, identify and bring into submission any thought that tries to exalt itself above the knowledge of God. This process of examining and weeding out toxic thoughts ensures a pure and sincere lifestyle that’s pleasing to the Lord. What’s more, disciplining your thought life will bring the reward of seeing the Lord manifest Himself in every area of your life.