Time to Grow Up!

Crying and complaining from disappointment or frustration is certainly not exclusive to young children, is it? For Christians, crying, complaining, and losing our temper is a sign of immaturity. Yes, Jesus did say we will face some pretty tough challenges in this life, enough to put even the strongest faith to the test. Yet, in the same breath, He ensures us we are well able to overcome every one of them.

So, while it’s expected for our faith to be tested, it’s unbiblical for us to be in Christ Jesus and suffer defeat. As the Israelites saw the Egyptians coming after them, in spite of all they had witnessed their supernatural God perform, their immediate response was panic and loud cries of defeat. It was Moses, strengthened by His faith in God, who cried out a different response that day. As a result, the Children of Israel were miraculously saved.

It’s time for us to grow up in the Word. We must let faith be our immediate response at the sight of trouble. This is the first sign of maturity; and victory is never far behind.