To Know God

Have you ever wanted to know how you can know God more? If this has become a serious pursuit of your heart, you are in great company! The Apostle Paul called his quest to know God more “… his determined purpose…” Jesus placed tremendous emphasis on truly knowing Him as the primary priority of our lives, and in John 1:1 we see how it can be achieved.

It tells us the Word of God is not just a historic book, it is God himself! As we read it, with the intention of knowing Him more, the Holy Spirit reveals the character and nature of God to us through the words that were literally breathed by Him. We can never truly know God apart from His Word. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

As you read the Word you draw near to God. As you learn more about Who He is, your love for Him deepens and He manifests Himself to you. Be encouraged today as you spend time in the Word of God, know you are learning more about the One Who created this universe; Who loves you; is always with you; calls you to know Him more intimately.