Tongues of Fire


When a fire is ignited, it’s not long before people nearby become aware of its presence. They smell the smoke, hear the crackle of the flames, feel the heat and see the blaze. When the Holy Spirit came upon the believers, in the book of Acts, tongues of fire appeared above their heads! The Bible says people throughout the city recognised something powerful was happening in that upper room! When a believer is baptised in the Holy Spirit, we are baptised with His spiritual fire! It’s a purifying fire that burns out every negative attitude and bondage the devil has on us, and fuels a passion and hunger for more of God’s Word and Presence in our lives. It rekindles a fervent love for God and a boldness to tell others about Him!  There is no mistaking someone who is burning with the fire of God inside them – they think, talk, and act differently.  And their passion and joy is contagious!  Just as a natural fire must be tended to keep it burning and not  go out, our internal, spiritual fire must be fanned into flame too.  As we keep ourselves involved in the things of God, daily fellowship with Him in His Word, and pray in our heavenly tongue, that fire will keep ablaze inside us. This way the world will recognize we carry something sent to us from Heaven! Allow the fire of God to continually burn inside you, drawing others to His love and power.