Treasure to Discover
The God of the universe, Who is perfect in all His ways, chose us to be His very own children. The cost He went to make this possible was no small thing. He sacrificed His precious Son – who died a horrible death as He took the sin of the world upon Himself.
This kind of love is impossible to comprehend on our own. In fact, everything to do with this wonderful new family we have been adopted into is too marvellous to understand without the help of the Holy Spirit. There are glorious mysteries to uncover about our identity and worth in Him. Our purpose, and ability, and our authority are all wrapped up in knowing Him too. Even our inheritance can’t be understood without us understanding and intimately experiencing the wonderful Person of Jesus.
Today, dare to dive in deep – head first – into the Word and embark on a great discovery of Who your God is – and who He is to you. Trust the Holy Spirit to reveal these treasures waiting to be found, by you, in Him.