Turning Hearts

According to Bible commentaries, this portion of scripture was written specifically for the nation of Israel with regards to them at first rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ, and later having the opportunity to accept and embrace the gospel. Which highlights the tender and loving kindness of God towards His people, that even though they firmly reject His love, He will continue to work at their hearts to gain their love and devotion. The Bible tells us that God’s heart is the same towards all men. It’s His desire that none should spend their lives alienated from intimately knowing Him. This is the very reason He sent His only Son, so that through Him we can be set free from the curse of sin and walk in a new life of victory and peace. If you have put off surrendering your heart to Jesus, and have not made a decision to commit your whole heart to His Lordship, we encourage you to pay attention to the voice of His Spirit today. Open your heart to His redeeming love so He can wash away every sin, and create in you a new nature that will respond to and thrive under His tender loving care.