Did you know being a Christian has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with a living relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ? Jesus paid the ultimate price for us to enter the throne room of God, while we live here on earth…To be able to access the secret place, where we are completely surrounded by His Presence, in the midst of troubling circumstances. To feast at His table, while in the presence of our enemies!

We have even been given the authority to command His will to be carried out on earth, as it is in heaven. To speak those things that only exist in the realm of the spirit – into existence in the natural world. What a glorious, powerful life of advancing in victory over the power of the enemy through our faith in God. Religion is a form of Godliness, but denying its power. It is empty, void of relationship with the Father, and always leads to disappointment – because it’s fuelled by self-righteousness and the spirit of fear.

Most importantly, when trouble comes religion is weak, fickle, and makes us feel ashamed of the truth. Time is short, and Jesus is coming back for those who truly know Him, love Him and serve Him in faith and power. It’s time to strip away every false pretence and have the fire of God burn His seal in our lives – where we live unashamedly for Him, full of the joy of knowing Him, and carrying within us, a spirit of triumph.