Victory From the Inside Out

In the Old Testament, whenever the Israelites moved, the Ark of the Covenant would go first. It carried the presence of God before the people.  When they stopped to camp, the Ark would be placed in a tent in the centre, and the people would camp around it.  It was the heart and the life of the people. How wonderful it must have been to live knowing the presence of God was right there, tangibly with and amongst them.  But praise God – through the finished work of the cross, the presence of God, in the form of His Holy Spirit is no longer confined to a wooden box.

Now His presence inhabits every born-again child of God!  He is not just with or amongst us – He is in us! Hallelujah! And not just in a tiny measure – the Bible says we have the fullness of God, the richest measure of His Presence within us! (Ephesians 3:19).  Jesus taught that while we are in this world, we will experience trials, tribulations, and challenges, but we will never face them alone.  We will always face and overcome each one from a position of victory, from the presence of God, looking toward the trouble.

Today, have a revelation of who Jesus is, what He has done for you, and how He has empowered you, through His Own Spirit living in you. While you live recognising this truth – your enemy, the devil – will flee before you as his plans concerning you fail every day, in every way!