Victory is Not by Chance

There is a way for every born-again believer to live in perpetual victory, in this life.  Being saved doesn’t guarantee the absence of problems, it guarantees a path that leads to an entirely different outcome. This path to victory doesn’t happen by chance – it is always a result of a mind that has deliberately chosen to stay focused on God’s Word. As we spend time meditating on it, its Godly wisdom saturates our thoughts with truth. James 3:15-18 contrasts the difference between Godly wisdom and the superficial wisdom of this world. It describes God’s wisdom as being pure, peace-loving and considerate. It’s not driven by jealousy or contention. It’s a wisdom that is willing to yield to reason, instead of being stubborn and refusing to hear and recognize a better way. God’s wisdom is not self-seeking, but full of compassion and good fruits. It is wholehearted and straightforward, not confusing – inciting unrest and division. God’s wisdom is free from doubts, wavering, and insincerity. Now this is the kind of wisdom we should be setting our minds on, because it will always cause us to overcome every challenge in life. When trouble presents itself, our minds become infiltrated by worrying, agitated thoughts. If we dwell on those thoughts, we will pay attention to a flow of ungodly, carnal wisdom – instead of the flow of God’s wisdom that comes up from our spirit-man.  A mind that is being renewed by God’s Word will be able to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit in the face of opposition, so we can choose the right flow of wisdom. He will ‘quicken’ and remind us of what God’s Word says concerning what we are facing. As that Word comes up from our spirits into our minds – we are to hold on to it like a dog on a bone! When we have a strong unrelenting hold of that truth, the peace and faith of God will flow, and with it the inner strength we need to do what it instructs us to do. The result will be overwhelming victory because we chose to tap into God’s flow of wisdom by keeping our minds renewed to His Word.