Victory Mindset

The Word, which is the absolute Truth, teaches us that being born-again, coupled with our faith, is the victory that conquers the world (1 John 5:4). Essentially, we are empowered to triumph over troubles and trials. Having faith in the Person of Jesus, Who is the Word, changes everything. In 2 Corinthians 5:7 we are taught not to live in response to the trouble or conflicting circumstances around us – but rather we are to respond to what we know and believe to be true from God’s Word.

The first truth we must choose to respond to is that we already have the victory. If you knew, no matter what you were facing, that failure is not an option for you – what would you do?  How would you act? Imagine the freedom and confidence, and authority you would feel build up inside you. This is the victorious mindset we are called to have in Christ Jesus.

Whatever the trouble presenting itself today, whatever the opposition, whatever the obstacles – lock eyes with the Person of Jesus; get His Word on your situation; and you will find that victorious mindset begin to dominate your thoughts and words! Absolutely everything has to fall subject to God’s truth! Shake off discouragement and let that victory mindset pave the way today.