Violent Faith!
In Mark 11:24, Jesus said that when we pray for anything and believe that we have already received it, it will be ours. The word, “receive”, is translated, “lambano” in Greek. It speaks of taking something by force or seizing something with a very strong grip that cannot be shaken off. A true follower of Jesus Christ should be marked by their aggressive, unwavering faith that refuses to back down or accept anything less than what is promised.

Pure faith is based solely on what the Word of God says, never on opinions, circumstances, or feelings. Although God had promised the Israelites of old, a land that would be theirs, they refused to enter into the land and take possession of it. It took Caleb and Joshua, filled with aggressive faith to stand before the doubting people and say, “Let’s go up at once and possess it; for we are well able to conquer it”.

There is nothing stopping us from operating in the same fearless, aggressive faith Caleb and Joshua operated in. Just align your heart, thoughts, words, and actions with God’s – and refuse to entertain, or accept anything less – and you’ll be marked as someone operating in unstoppable, overcoming, conquering faith too.