Walk in It!

The victory won for us at the Cross of Calvary is overwhelming. Romans 8:37 calls it a surpassing victory! To practically walk in and experience the never-ending flow of God’s abundant blessing has everything to do with our surrendering to the Person of the Holy Spirit living within us. Through Him, we receive all the power to be victorious in life. Does this mean we have to continuously ask God for the victory when challenges arise? Of course not!

Victory has already been given to us! This means we can approach every situation from that place of victory, knowing we have God and His entire kingdom backing us. This gives us the confidence to approach His throne of grace and receive the wisdom and insight to appropriate every step of that victory.

As we spend time with the Lord in His Word, His Spirit reveals His thoughts and strategy to us. He even gives us the desire and ability to put them into practice. Choose to live in the victory you already have in Christ Jesus today!