Who are You Listening To?

Never underestimate the power of influence the voices you listen to have over you.  In the Bible, Rehoboam, succeeded his father Solomon as king of Israel. However, shortly after he became king, he lost 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel because he failed to heed the advice of his father’s advisors. They were men older and more mature than himself, who had walked with his father and seen the wisdom of obeying God, and the grave foolishness and danger of ignoring His instructions. Instead of following their sound counsel and advice, he listened to the words of his friends who were young, immature, and inexperienced. As a result, ten of the twelve tribes rebelled against him, and subsequently he lost his rulership over them. All this could have been avoided if he listened to the advice of his father’s servants and allowed them to speak into his life. King Joash is another example of someone who listened to the wrong people. During his early days as king, Joash followed the Lord because of the godly influence and advice of Jehoiada the priest. However, when Jehoiada died, Joash began to listen to the corrupt leaders of Judah, who influenced him to serve wooden images. As a result, he was killed by his own servants, and didn’t even receive a proper burial to honour him as a king. Jesus warned his disciples to be aware of “the leaven of the Pharisees”.  He warned them to be careful of who and what they were listening to.  The Bible speaks of a great deception taking place in the last days.  There will be many false teachers and prophets that sound right, but they twist the truth and lead people far from the wisdom and heart of God.  The only way to ensure we don’t fall prey to this deception, is by being diligent to know God’s Word – by spending time studying it with the help of His Holy Spirit.  The Word says He is the Spirit of truth and will always lead us into truth! Becoming skilled in listening to and following the Spirit of God will keep us in a place of safety, where we will be able to discern what is of God, and what is not.  Malachi 3:16-18 clearly explains the importance of fearing the Lord and keeping our attention on His truth in order to discern correctly.  Be careful of who you allow to speak into your life – the well-being of your soul depends on it.